With Fire Starter – Extra Beefy / Wide / Thick

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1 x Branded Extra Beefy / Wide Paracord Survival Bracelet with fire starter buckle*

*Note(1) : The fire starter rod has a black protective coating wh


1 x Branded Extra Beefy / Wide Paracord Survival Bracelet with fire starter buckle*

*Note(1) : The fire starter rod has a black protective coating which you will initially need to scrape off with the striker washer,
To then use the fire starter, first open the bracelet,
Apply FULL force and RAPID movement to slide the striker washer across the fire starter rod,
Be patient,
With a little practice sparks will come flying,


Wrist sizes that measure between 7 and 9 inches,


Stylish accessory with instant access to 16 feet* of 350 spec paracord**

Bracelet can be completely disassembled in one minute

Specifications and quality guaranteed by The Friendly Swede®

All bracelets are 100% tied and assembled by hand,

* Note(1) : Thin red/blue/white line bracelets carry a decorative gutted 7″ cord, not included in specified 16 feet total disassembled length,
IMPORTANT : The “olive green camo” and the “black and blue” bracelets contain multiple shorter cords since they have multiple colors,
Not ONE single 16 feet cord,

** Note(2) : Our bracelets have a true rated load of 350 lb (350 spec),
Bracelets similar/inferior to these are commonly/incorrectly marketed as “Type III 550 spec”,
We give you what is described,
Our cords may still carry >550lb but 350lb is the guaranteed rated load,

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  • Binding:Misc.
  • Brand:The Friendly Swede
  • Feature:Multiple colors / patterns available! Survive in Style With this 2 in 1 Survival Kit
  • Feature:Extra Beefy / Wide Adjustable Branded Bracelet – With Fire Starter
  • Feature:Adjustable Size – Fits approx 7-9 inch wrist. Extra long total paracord length approx 16 feet disassembled.
  • Feature :P lease read technical details below regarding total length and how to use the fire starter
  • Feature :P remium quality accessories – Manufactured by The Friendly Swede
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  • Label:The Friendly Swede
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  • Manufacturer:The Friendly Swede
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  • PartNumber:AMZ_US_SBDC_SFFS_RP
  • ProductGroup:Sports
  • ProductTypeName:SPORTING_GOODS
  • Publisher:The Friendly Swede
  • Studio:The Friendly Swede
  • Title:With Fire Starter – Extra Beefy / Wide / Thick Adjustable Premium Paracord / Para-cord Survival Bracelets – Adjustable Size Fits 7-9 Inch Wrists – Approx 16 Feet Disassembled Length – The Friendly Swede® Paracord Series – Multiple Colors / Patterns Available


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