The Ultimate Men’s Sports Watch From Casio

The Casio Men’s PAG240-ICR Pathfinder Triple Sensor multifunction sports watch is the new fun, high-tech and supreme outdoor and sports watch that is the latest Casio’s legendary pathfinder series of watches. It has a digital face and is designed to appeal to the sports enthusiasts, the average tech junkie as well as the outdoor maverick. This watch is impressive, more so because it is packed with super capabilities that make it stand out from any other in the market now. Indeed the blend of technology and stylish design are its winning combination that set it apart.

The Pathfinder, designed for men is equipped with a self-charging mechanism, a tough exterior solar panel, an altimeter, a barometer, a digital compass, barometer, sunrise/sunset data setting, thermometer, and auto light functionality. The pathfinder comes in manly and appealing black and grey hues for the band color and dial color. It is a buckle fastener type ensuring that it stays fastened to your hand and is bidirectional, as well.

This sports watch uses features such as the 48-city World time. They are capable of charging the battery directly from the sun or dim light sources as well as having a secondary rechargeable battery. The pathfinder altimeter allows graphing with respect to your target altitude and alerts you when you reach your mark. It can also record such data for 25 sets or areas. The inbuilt barometer predicts changing weather patterns by taking readings every 2 hours and storing them automatically.

It has a digital compass which during measurement shows an angle value, direction pointer, and 4 direction pointers. The pathfinder thermometer checks and displays temperature every 5 minutes, and it has functionality for looking up sunset/sunrise times for locations and dates. The auto light and back-light allows viewing in dim and dark places. The Casio Men’s PAG240-ICR Pathfinder Triple Sensor multifunction sports watch is the supreme choice for men whether in the outdoors, or when traveling. Its multiple functionality; enables it to be highly adaptable to any man’s needs and thus the best choice to make.

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