The magic power of Natural GemStones


Over the centuries, many cultures have contributed to creating legends and traditional meanings around peculiarity and energy’s power by natural stones. The gemologist George Frederick Kunz, in the early twentieth century, was the most expert of his time. He played an important role in the history of gemology, both from a scientific point of view which commercial. Besides the fact that this expertise landed him a job with Tiffany & Co., Kunz also contributed to the creation of what is now the market for colored stones. For those wishing to know more about his famous writings on the traditions related to precious stones are among the best essays on the subject in circulation. This is not pure sociological curiosity, but to discover that the stones have certain intrinsic qualities and powers that are closely related to their symbolism and their use.

When choosing your bracelet will learn to consider the magical powers of gemstones. For example, if you are looking for a Genuine Amethyst Chip Stone Bracelet, know that in addition to beautiful shades of purple, this stone bracelet will give your the power to calm emotions, create clarity and clarity of thought and help in the attainment of wisdom. Amethyst is the stone of the spirit and mind. It can be helpful in fighting against addiction to alcohol, food, drugs, and helps in case of compulsive behaviors / obsessive.

A beautiful jade stone, worn every day brings serenity and promotes good luck. Helps to calm fears and not lose your money. In addition, the jade is traditionally the stone of the gardeners and those who have a green thumb and seems to favor harvests and abundant crops.

And more … If you are looking for love you have to choose the love’s stone par excellence, ruby!​​, even crude, but if you want to be able to predict the future to have everything under control, choose a beautiful topaz .. to overcome communication difficulties choose the blue stones and put them on near the gorge …

The only recommendation is to cleanse the stones with water and salt from time to time and recharge them before making them to rest on a quartz purified, then exposing them to the energy of the sun for 3 days. You will see that it works!

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