Survival Bracelet great for any active Outdoorsman


This season certainly will be remembered for the great number of fashion brands and emerging designers offering chain and interlaced bracelets to wear with touches of color, maybe by letting go inside it a colored satin ribbon, a must to make our look cool and spirited. You can make your own customization at home, with a base chain with colors. But in terms of sports, active and outdoor, the real novelty about fabric bracelets also is those of the colored wefts of the bracelets so-called “survival”. Let’s find out together as a hint of color can sometimes bring verve and other times “save our lives!” You could hardly find a most virile bracelet of Survival. They consist to parachute ropes well intertwined, 5 or 6 meters long which can withstand a weight of 250 kg. If you find yourself in the emergency during unexpected explorations into the canyon or you need them to climb on a deep ravine, perhaps to rescue your lovely, “Into The Wild” style. You could untie it and after using it in this unforgettable adventure. Your active and fearless outdoorman will be glad to receive a gift like this, especially if you are planning an adventurous trip together.! Word of Lifeband! After this heroic use, you can interweave the cord again so that you can continue to wear it on your wrist, ready for a new use or a great memory. Our survival bracelets enable you to carry several feet of ParaCord, substantially, every inch of your wrist diameter equals approximately one foot of ParaCord. The cord can be used in an emergency for countless survival applications. To choose your favorite colors, accessories customized for your survival bracelet, enter the keyword “paracord” or “survival” in our search string. There are also watches survival and weaves colorful fashionable, such as camouflage.

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