Bracelet with cross


The cross has always been considered a symbol of Christianity. But its meanings since the ancient times are manifold. Originally, the cross was a pagan symbol that symbolized the sun in the flow of times and the seasons on Earth. In the ancient civilizations of the world you can find the symbol of the cross, all from Europe, America, Asia and Africa. As evidenced by the artifacts of pottery, jewelry and other objects. The Cross of Central America alluded to the four winds. In China, the meaning was linked to the planet.
So the cross is a universally recognized symbol all over the planet. Currently wearing a cross, therefore, is not just about Christianity, but means bringing a talisman, a symbol that indicates positive blessing, luck and protection.

Who wants to make an unexpected gift full of affection, will certainly find wide variety of jewelery in Lifeband, especially bracelets decorated with crosses of all types. The ultimate fashion proposes us a number of suggestions for the finest bracelets decorated with pearls, silver, gold, leather, and more. With a touch of irony and superstition, whatever you may want to give, Celebrity Evil Eye Cross Bracelet Diamond Simulated could be a pure talisman that protects you or your loved one, bringing luck, banishing and driving out all negativity and evil eyes. This unique lucky charm bracelet is 14K gold plated with cubic zirconia stones and glasse  bead and it will help you ward off evil glances and surround yourself with good luck and positivity!

Heirloom Finds Crystal Sideways Cross Wrap Bracelet is a pure stylish bracelet that adds some bling to your faith to show your devotion. It is adorned with crystal crosses and silver tone, rose gold and yellow gold tone beads. It can fit all sizes and total width of the bracelet is 1″. It is perfect for gift giving and for treating yourself as well.

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