A Unique Fashion Leather Bracelet

Leaf Pendant Pandora Beads Leather Bracelets are an attractive and versatile accessory for casual wear. These accessories are smartly designed with leather strapping, beads, a metallic pendant and rings. They make a wonderful accessory to wear as a bracelet together with any other bracelet or wrist watch. Whether for heading out for a party, or just a normal outing, this pendant makes a beautiful accompaniment for anyone seeking to look fashionable.

The leather straps are made of inner strap and the outer strap. The inner strap is made of a single leather straps and is fitted with the metallic beads and natural beads of different colors. This gives the overall strap a unique feel and look. These beads are evenly distributed on each side of the pendant and thus giving it a balanced look. The beads are accompanied by shiny artistically designed metallic beads that are also attached on the leather strapping. The metallic rings give the bracelet a smart finish and elegant look. The rings are made into various sizes and shapes that add to the overall beauty of the bracelet.

On this outer strap, is attached the leaf pendant, which is an attractive piece of artwork. It is crafted into a unique leaf-shaped design. Made of either silver coated, or stainless steel metal, the pendant stand out magnificently on the leather strapping of the bracelet, it’s very attractive.

The inner strap is made of multiple leather straps weaved together. This gives it an attractive look. It has a thicker width that makes it strong and durable. On this strap lovely shiny metallic rings, balanced on each side of the leafy pendant. This thicker inner strap provides a comfortable feel for the bracelet wearer.

The leather bracelet straps are made to be adjustable and easy to fit. They can be adjusted to any suitable size to fit the wearer wrist. The leather strapping can, therefore, be lengthened or shortened to fit any desired size. Therefore, if you are seeking for an outstanding bracelet, made of durable leather traps and multiple beads and rings, then the Leaf Pendant Pandora Beads Leather Bracelet is your choice.

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