Survival Bracelet great for any active Outdoorsman

This season certainly will be remembered for the great number of fashion brands and emerging designers offering chain and interlaced bracelets to wear with touches of color, maybe by letting go inside it a colored satin ribbon, a must to make our look cool and spirited. You can make your own customization at home, with a base chain with colors. But in terms of sports, active and outdoor, the real novelty about fabric bracelets also is those of the colored wefts of the bracelets so-called “survival”. Let’s find out together as a hint of color can sometimes bring verve and other times “save our lives!”

Hemp Handmade Bracelet or Anklet

A Trendy Look With Hemp Bracelet

Hemp is an item which comes from vegetation; the properties of hemp make sure that it is an ideal option for producing stylish and easy hemp jewelry. Currently, the reputation of hemp items mainly bracelet is increasing, thanks to its distinctive design. To make it fashionable and stylish, hemp is incorporated with beads, crochet to give it a unique look, obtainable in a variety of colors they are cheap, and rich in fashion.

Bohemia designs friendship bead charm leather

Trendy Bohemia Beaded Charm Bracelets

These accessories are the perfect option for one who would love to put on fashion jewelry. They give your hand an intricate and elegant look and should be considered for any season. Charm wrist bands are not limited to precious metals only. The jewelry sector is branching out to alternative materials, for instance leather material. Unique wood beads for these designs of bracelets are growing in demand, and the good thing is they are Eco-friendly.


The magic power of Natural GemStones

Over the centuries, many cultures have contributed to creating legends and traditional meanings around peculiarity and energy’s power by natural stones. The gemologist George Frederick Kunz, in the early twentieth century, was the most expert of his time. He played an important role in the history of gemology, both from a scientific point of view which commercial. Besides the fact that this expertise landed him a job with Tiffany & Co., Kunz also contributed to the creation of what is now the market for colored stones. For those wishing to know more about his famous writings on the traditions related to precious stones are among the best essays on the subject in circulation. This is not pure sociological curiosity, but to discover that the stones have certain intrinsic qualities and powers that are closely related to their symbolism and their use.

Leaf Pendant Pandora Beads Leather Bracelet Adjustable

A Unique Fashion Leather Bracelet

These accessories are smartly designed with leather strapping, beads, a metallic pendant and rings. They make a wonderful accessory to wear as a bracelet together with any other bracelet or wrist watch. Whether for heading out for a party, or just a normal outing, this pendant makes a beautiful accompaniment for anyone seeking to look fashionable.

Military Survival Paracord Bracelet

Trendy Military Survival Paracord Bracelet

These wristbands are available in just about any style and shade that you can imagine. They sometimes are referred to as survival wrist bands, as they can help get the owner from difficult scenarios.Besides them being only useful gadgets, they are also appealing and a sporty outfit accessory.


Bracelet with cross

The cross has always been considered a symbol of Christianity. But its meanings since the ancient times are manifold. Originally, the cross was a pagan symbol that symbolized the sun in the flow of times and the seasons on Earth. In the ancient civilizations of the world you can find the symbol of the cross, all from Europe, America, Asia and Africa. As evidenced by the artifacts of pottery, jewelry and other objects. The Cross of Central America alluded to the four winds. In China, the meaning was linked to the planet. So the cross is a universally recognized symbol all over the planet.

Power Balance-The Original Performance Wristband

The Ultimate Gadget For Sports Enthusiasts

They are the most recent rubber wristbands that generated a huge hype among athletes and fans. It is known that they can improve your versatility, enhance your speed, and stability. They have an embedded ‘Hologram’ disk which is produced from naturally occurring elements found in our planet.

Rainbow One Direction Wristband

One direction is a popular music band that knows how to satisfy their fans. They are innovative, creative, talented and very stylish. Great outlook and amazing voices were the keys to success. The band stars five boys. All of them took part in the X factor show individually. The show’s judge Simon Cowell decided to give them a chance, but as a band. On every show they proved to be amazing performers, showing the public their talents. They managed each trial as if it was a simple game for them. Once the show was over, they kept on working on their own songs and albums. Over a really short period of time they became famous in the whole world. Their popularity could be due to their diversity as well. Each one of them is completely different, making it interesting and exciting to see what their next songs would be like.


Bamboo and Leather Wristband Bracelet

Maintain the eye catching beauty of your wrist with the Brazilian bracelet, as the materials are durable and able to withstand harsh conditions without losing its attracting beauty.